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Pick up your yearbook June 8, 9,  and 10, from 8 A.M. to noon in the library. There may be extras available.

Promotion Slideshow

Please email 1-2 photos for the promotion slideshow.  Everyone will have a link to the final product.


Students  must pick up consumable texts and packets at BYMS, Monday April 27:
8:30-9:30: 5th grade
9:30-10:30: 6th grade
10:30-12:00: 7th/8th grade

1:00-1:30: Niland pickup(Grace Smith School)

2:00-2:30: Bombay Beach pickup(4th and C Bus Stop)
ELA1, ELA3, and ELA5 have consumables to pick up.

4-20 Assignment #2 Scavenger Hunt


English/Language Arts Period_____

Due Date_____________________

“The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” by Ray Bradbury: Open Book Scavenger Hunt: Searching for Details

This scavenger hunt follows the story in chronological order.  Use the text to find the answers to the clues.

_________/_______  1. Month/time of day

_________________  2. These fall gently and hit the drum-skin with light “rustling taps”

_________________  3. This drops, “swift and unseen,” and it hits much louder; the noise scares the boy.

_________________  4. Synonym for peach stone

_________________  5. The boy’s heart beats so fast and so loud, it sounds as if it is in his ______.

_________________  6. The boy turns the ________ on its side.

_________________  7. Adjective used to describe the boy’s face, the time, and the night

_________________  8. The boy’s age

_______/_________  9. Name of the creek/name of the town where the church stands (a Civil War Battle site)

_______/_________10.  Number of “familiar shadows”/number of men in the army camp

_________________11.  Distance between the two army camps

_________________12.  The drummer boy’s army can’t _____; they are thinking about the upcoming battle

_________________13.  The “vast” and gentle wind is actually the men _____ the night before the battle.

_________________14.  “I’ll live through it. I’ll go home. The ____ will play.” (Shows youthful innocence)

_________________15.  “The bones of the young men” are compared to the “bones of their ______.”

________/________16.  The boy feels defenseless, “armed” with “a drum, two _____ to beat it, and no _____.”

______/__________17.  Two things brush across and lightly touch his cheek at night

_________________18.  Without a gun, the drummer boy is vulnerable.  He is “no more than a ____ himself.”

_________________19.  He considers just lying there “small” the next morning, hoping no one would ____.

_________________20.  The man stops to talk because he sees the boy is ______.

_________________21.  The man notices the movement when the boy hits the drum with his _____.

_________________22.  The italicized word in the boy’s question (Emphasizes rank & shows importance)

_________________23.  Who is the “you?”

_________________24.  These “crack,” indicating he is much older than the other people in the army

________/________25.  Fathers: “salt sweat, ginger tobacco, horse & boot ____, & the ____ he walked upon.”     

_________________26.  What the boy initially mistakes for many eyes:  Shiny “brass _______.” 

_________________27.  Amount of time Joby has been in the army

_________________28.  The general wants to know: “Run off from home or ______ legitimately, boy?”

_________________29.  The general’s next question: “Do you ________ yet?” (Again, emphasizes youth)

_________________30.  The general compares this to the boy’s cheek (Another youthful reference)

_________________31.  The general describes his inexperienced army as “_____.”  (says it twice) 

_________________32.  The general confides he did this the previous night 

_________________33.  The general knows the war will not be over soon; it will not be “done in _____.”

_________________34.  Rough estimate of the number of men, “counting both sides”

_________________35.  The boys are too young and untrained; the boys need at least ___ months of training

_______/_________36.  An 1800’s home remedy for many ailments:  ________ and ________

_________________37.  This war is as wrong as “a man ________ backward through life.”

_________________38.  That day, the stream, Owl Creek, was full of boys ________.

_________________39.  In a few hours, Owl Creek will be full of boys ________.

________/________40.  The general makes a pile of winter _____ and _____, for a fire, a symbol for light.

_________________41.  Who is responsible for pulling all the soldiers together on the battlefield and making

     “one army” of all the individuals? (Making them act as a unit instead of separately)

_________________42.  The drummer boy can slow the pace, or “beat a sure, steady, even faster ______.”

_________________43.  If the drum beat was too slow, the soldiers would drowse and then “sleep _______.”

________/________44.  The Battle of Shiloh takes place in southwest Tennessee; the general wants to know if 

     the boy had ever seen the _____ because a line of soldiers is like a _____ on the shore.

_________________45.  Fast moving blood makes the men feel like they are wearing steel _______.

_________________46.  On the field, the drummer boy is the ______ because the real _____ is left behind.

_________________47.  The boy promises to beat the drum at a strong pace and “run them _______ for me.”

_________________48.  The battle is named after the _______ in the town

_______/_________49.  The most important thing in battle is “to get up on our ______ and ______!”

_______/_________50.  The boy turns the _____ so it faces the sky, and peach _______ falls on it.

Quarter 4 ELA April 20-June 10

Quarter 4 begins April 20 online in google classroom. If you do not have an internet device(only 2 students), packets will continue in 2-week increments. 


All ELA-PLUS students: we need a plan for distribution of yearbooks on June 4. The tasks involved are 1)notifying our customers 2) labeling yearbooks 3)collecting money 4)distributing yearbooks. *Books also need to be counted prior to distribution. **Customers owe us money for dedications and books.
Keep in mind only 9 students or less can occupy any given area. The teacher counts as the 10th person. Assign tasks.
You can work up a plan by yourself or with a partner. Due 4-23

ELA-PLUS: Yearbooks

Students: email me via google classroom or website  link when pages in progress are done; this includes pages 94, 95, 98, 108, 109, 110, 113, 114, 115, 118, and 119.

THE MASKED TEACHER starring Miss Sullivan and 67 8th graders premieres April 20 on Google Classroom. Stay tuned for further details as “tickets to join” will be emailed soon!

WORK PACKET April 1-9 option

Students, if you would like to receive your packet electronically, please email me. You will need access to a laptop and the internet. You can also complete it and send it back to me electronically. 

Students Work Packets Update

Packets will be distributed Wednesday, April 1, at BYMS from 9-10:30 A.M.  The packet will contain 7 days of ELA material to be completed and returned to BYMS on April 9. This will complete Quarter 3. Quarter 4 will begin Monday, April  20. We may or may not be physically in school. Packets will also be distributed to Niland at Grace Smith School from 11-11:30 and Bombay Beach from 12-12:30. Questions? Hit email to me.

MARCH 30 to April 9

Students: Packets with 7 days worth of work will be distributed at school on March 30, Monday. This will apply as school for March 30 to April 9. Stay tuned for details.


I need information on laptops and internet service from 4 of my homeroom students: Josue, Ayalani, Andrea, and Elizabeth. Please forward that information by hitting email link. Thank you.